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The HR Director - Pension reform: bark worse than its bite?
Bill Thompson, Principal Business Consultant at NGA explains how, with the right preparation, businesses may not find this legislation as painful as anticipated.

HR Magazine - Employer Skills Survey finds 13 million staff received no training last year
Unionlearn, the TUC’s learning and skills organisation, has condemned “shocking” statistics from the UK Employer Skills Survey showing that 41% of UK employers did not train any of their staff in 2011.

People Management - Pensions auto-enrolment countdown
Compliance starts this autumn for organisations with 10,000-plus on PAYE.

Employee Benefits - IDS research: Private sector pay deals up on 2011
Private sector pay settlements look like they could be higher, on average, than last year, but the picture so far is only a partial one.

HR Magazine - Training providers and colleges join forces to launch scheme to help unemployed get skilled and back to work
NCG, a provider of education, training and employability, has launched a concept to support job seekers struggling to find work.

HR Review - Legal ruling could open door for flood of pay equality compensation claims
A group of female workers have won a landmark case in the Court of Appeal which could pave the way for hundreds more compensation claims over gender pay equality in the workplace.

HR Review - Auto-enrolment opt-out could cut pension by a fifth
Research reveals pension opt-out could cut retirement fund by £19,000 (20 per cent).

HR Magazine - December's job statistics defy gloomy predictions, according to analysis of 8,000 recruiters
Job opportunities were 17% higher in December compared to the same time in 2010 and more than a fifth higher than two years ago, according to the Reed Job Index analysis of job vacancy trends from 8,000 recruiters across the UK.

People Management - Wales has biggest sector pay gap in UK, says think tank
Regional pay ‘could cause a larger row than pensions’

The Telegraph - British workers staying in jobs to ride out economic storm
Fewer workers are leaving their jobs with thousands preferring to ride out the economic storm in their current roles, official figures revealed.

HR Review - Government austerity drive ‘turning back time’ on women’s equality
The government’s attempts to reduce the budget deficit through extensive austerity cuts is having a disastrous effect on gender equality in the workplace, it has been claimed.

HR Magazine - How can organisations improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business performance?
If you want to improve employee engagement in your organisation - or if you’re looking to measure engagement through an employee survey - these are the seven elements on which to concentrate...

People Management - Soaring inflation to hit pay packets
Spending power squeezed as RPI reaches 5.6 per cent

HR Review - 30% of employees start a job clueless about its pension
One in three people (31%) accepted a new job with no idea about whether it came with a pension, a study from National Association of Pension Funds

Citywire - Webb: Nest failure may pave way for early access to pensions
Early access to pensions could be looked at again if auto-enrolment fails by 2017

HR Review - The truth about performance-related pay
While the average new hire’s salary is 3% down on 18 months ago, pay packages for FTSE 350 bosses have soared 700% since 2002 – despite company share prices spectacularly failing to correspond.

Employee Benefits - KPMG research: Enhanced transfer value exercises on the increase
Enhanced transfer value (ETV) exercises are increasingly being offered to members of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes, according to research by KPMG.

HR Review - Pay freezes leave employees feeling the brunt
Feeling the pressure is one way to describe how employees were feeling, this due to three in five receiving pay freezes in their take-home pay in 2011.

HR Magazine - HR directors are positive women are breaking through the 'glass ceiling', research shows
Women are increasingly breaking through the ‘glass ceiling’ and have growing employment opportunities, particularly in terms of career advancement and remuneration, according to a report published yesterday by recruiter Robert Half.

People Management - ‘Landmark’ equal pay ruling for London nurse
A London nurse has won a “landmark” equal pay claim against City and Hackney Teaching Primary Care Trust, in a case that was the first of its kind in the NHS.

People Management - Public-private pay gap widens
Median private sector pay rise up to 2.9 per cent

Pay & Benefits - Pay and benefits top the agenda for staff
Pay and benefits are now more important to employees than job satisfaction, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Business Day - Richard Branson 'Take Some Time Out, Share your Burden'
Senior executives should share their jobs and responsibilities, and take plenty of time off to come back to the office inspired.

BBC News - Scottish law firm's iPhone app for compensation claims
A Scottish law firm has launched an iPhone app which will help employers calculate compensation claims.

HR Magazine - Men see themselves as much the victims of gender discrimination as women, survey reveals
One in six workers in the UK - 17% - believe that men and women are treated differently in the workplace, according to the annual Attitudes to Work study from IFF Research.

HR Magazine - Developing People Provides a Number of Wider Benefits
Today’s tough economic and trading environment continues to influence decisions across organisations in each and every sector. A positive learning and development programme needn't consume vast resources or require large learning and development departments.

HR Magazine - Pay Gap Between Public Sector and Private Sector is Widening, says IDS
A gap has emerged between the level of pay awards in the public and private sectors, according to the latest analysis of pay settlements from the Incomes data Service (IDS).

People Management - Equality Agenda Must Not Suffer in Cuts, say Experts
Employers must ensure that women and minority groups do not bear the brunt of cutbacks and that the fairness agenda is maintained, panellists agreed in the CIPD’s latest podcast discussion.

HM Treasury - Final Report of the Hutton Review of Fair Pay in the Public Sector
Will Hutton has published the Final Report of his Independent Review into Fair Pay in the Public Sector, along with his recommendations to the Government.

Employee Benefits - Benefits Tax relief
Office of Tax Simplification recommends retention of tax relief on childcare, bikes and green cars, but not on EAPs

Human Resources IQ - Boosting Workforce Productivity Through Employee Benefits
Research taken from the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) find that employee benefits help lift morale and ensure staff feel valued and engaged

CIPD - The CIPD guide on the Pay Review Process
The guide highlights the need for HR to manage the pay review process as a crucial business activity and our Director of Consultancy helped contribute to the report

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